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  • The power of AromaTouch Technique

    We are so excited to bring a new offering to The Daily Apple in Worthington. We are now taking appointments for AromaTouch techniques. Our longtime team member Kelly Maras is a certified health coach and she has a passion for helping people be healthier naturally. When doTERRA introduced its new online training program to get certified in AromaTouch technique Kelly immediately registered for the course and completed it very quickly. So, we got to work to set our classroom up as a space to offer this service.
  • Get the most out of your Body Cleanse!

    Just the word cleanse scares people. Trust me doing a good complete body cleanse is not something that should scare you. It should instead make you feel good that you are taking care of your body and ridding it of toxins. No matter how healthy we eat our body is inundated with toxins.