Get the most out of your Body Cleanse!

Just the word cleanse scares people. Trust me doing a good complete body cleanse is not something that should scare you. It should instead make you feel good that you are taking care of your body and ridding it of toxins. No matter how healthy we eat our body is inundated with toxins.

I did my first body cleanse 17 years ago. That is when my healthier me journey began. When I started my first cleanse I quit drinking diet soda (I was an addict. I had 6 to 8 cans a day).  I also began to eat healthier based on what I knew at the time. The first 4 or 5 days of the cleanse were not super fun. I felt sluggish and had headaches and even some stomach cramps. I am sure it was my body detoxing and the withdrawals from so much soda. By about day seven, I remember feeling better and more energy. I noticed my cravings for foods that were not good for me were better. Now, when I start to feel sluggish, not as regular and start craving foods I don’t usually eat I know it is time to do a good cleanse. It is recommended to do a body cleanse at the change of each season. Think of it like changing the oil in your car. It is something you do regularly because you want your car to keep running well. Think of it as giving your body what it needs to stay healthy.

Once you have made the decision to do a cleanse here are a few tips to help you get the most of the cleanse. Number one and most important is drink enough water so the cleanse will work. Though we all know how important water is statistics show 75% of the American population is not drinking enough water. (We will do another whole blog post on the importance of water). But I always tell people if you are going to spend money to do a body cleanse make sure to drink enough water so you get the best results possible. For added detoxification benefits add a couple drops of food grade lemon essential oil to your water. 

Also, the healthier you eat while cleansing the better it will work. Try staying with a whole real foods diet during the cleanse. Do not eat anything packaged or processed. Meat, eggs (lots of eggs), vegetables and fruit are great options. The food you eat during a cleanse does not have to be bland and boring. Use seasonings for flavor and to add variety. Take your pills when they are recommended. The companies who created these cleanses did the research and designed these products for optimal results.

So let’s talk about choosing the cleanse that is right for you.

flush & be fit

One of my personal favorite cleanses for women is Renew Life’s Flush and Be Fit. This cleanse is designed specifically for women so it addresses the issues that many women often complain about. According to the box, this cleanse relieves occasional constipation and bloating, helps boost energy and reduce stress and supports healthy probiotic balance. This is a great cleanse for women who are first-time cleansers because the capsules are in individual packets that you can carry with you each day and take them at the appropriate time. This cleanse consists of 5 total capsules per day and it lasts for two weeks.

Now’s Easy Cleanse is another great option for a cleanse. It is a total of 8 capsules per day and there is a morning formula and an evening formula. This cleanse goes for 15 days and is easy to use. This cleanse does not have a probiotic included with it and we recommend grabbing a probiotic to take with the cleanse for maximum results. A probiotic is important for a healthy digestive system. This cleanse is appropriate for men and women.

The final cleanse we will discuss in this post is Renew Life’s Total Body Cleanse. This 14-day, three-part program helps the body eliminate waste and toxins. It contains three bottles of capsules. The herbal cleanse capsules are taken in the morning, the fiber blend is taken in the morning and the colon cleanse capsules are taken at night. The fiber blend in this cleanse is great. Of course, when taking fiber water is key just as I said earlier. This cleanse is for men and women.

We are here in Worthington, MN, and Storm Lake,IA, to answer all of your whole body cleansing questions. If you live away and can’t make it to one of our stores no worries you can send us a Facebook message or order online 24 hours a day.