The power of AromaTouch Technique

We are so excited to bring a new offering to The Daily Apple in Worthington. We are now taking appointments for AromaTouch techniques. Our longtime team member Kelly Maras is a certified health coach and she has a passion for helping people be healthier naturally. When doTERRA introduced its new online training program to get certified in AromaTouch technique Kelly immediately registered for the course and completed it very quickly. So, we got to work to set our classroom up as a space to offer this service.

Already everyone who has received a technique from Kelly is loving how they feel afterward. So let us tell you more about it. This technique uses the highest quality essential oils to help stimulate and balance the nervous systems while improving well-being by reducing physical and emotional stressors.

The treatment is divided into four parts and consists of applying the oils along the spine and feet accompanied with soothing techniques across the back to facilitate absorption, induce relaxation and help to bring the body into a state of balance (homeostasis). 

Here’s a look at each part of the process: 
1. Stress Management: Balance and Calm
- Balance: creates a sense of calm and well-being with wood oils to ground
- Lavender: soothes, calms and relaxes

2. Immune Support: Cleanse and Strengthen
- Tea Tree:  cleansing and detoxifying
- OnGuard: supports immune and respiratory systems

3. Inflammatory Response: Stimulate and Soothe
- AromaTouch: comforts and soothes skin and provides relaxing aroma
- Deep Blue: helps reduce daily discomforts and supports a healthy inflammatory
response in the body

4. Homeostasis: Invigorate and Center
- Wild Orange:  cleansing and rejuvenating
- Peppermint: cool and refreshing, helps to stimulate absorption of all previously applied oils

This technique uses only the best in essential oils and doTERRA works with growers all around the globe to bring the best quality to customers.  Every batch of doTERRA oils goes through many testing processes to insure they are 100% pure.

You can purchase your own AromaTouch collection here This starter kit comes with 8 of the most popular oils that have many daily uses and also a free online training course to learn the AromaTouch technique so you can give it to family and friends. 

To schedule an appointment stop by our Worthington store, call us at 507-372-7127 or send an email to