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  • Jumpstart May with CLA Extreme

    Happy May! Today we take a moment to introduce you to our products of the month. This first one is one we get really excited about around here. Amanda first used CLA (Conjugated Linoleic Acid) oh about 17 years ago. She found it super helpful for toning up and losing inches. She also noticed more energy when taking this product. It helped her jump start the beginning of her weight loss journey. A lot of research has been done on CLA and its great benefits for helping the body burn fat.
  • Time for an Easy Cleanse?

    Every month at both Daily Apple locations and now at we feature a product of the month and offer a 20% discount. One of our very favorite products is on sale during March. Meet Easy Cleanse, a gentle cleansing formula designed to support digestive and metabolic health. Just like the name says this cleanse is simple to use. You take two capsules of the a.m. formula before breakfast and two after lunch. Then at bedtime you take four of the p.m. formula. If you have never tried a whole body cleanse you will enjoy the simplicity of this Now Foods cleanse.