Which diffuser should I buy?

This is a question we get asked at least once a day in store. So here is our answer. When choosing a diffuser there are several things to consider and a lot of the decision is based on your personal preference of what style you like best. A couple things to know about all of the diffusers I am going to review today is use regular tap water (not distilled) --- this is a great advantage. You don’t have to buy water that costs extra money. Another important trait of all the diffusers I am going to discuss here is they are all ultrasonic diffusers. This means they use electrical current to cause vibration to disperse the essential oils into the air. This is important because you do not want to heat essential oils. They will lose their therapeutic properties when heated.

Also, just a littler reminder to not overfill your diffuser. If you overfill it even by a little bit the mist will not come out (trust me on this one….I have done this a few times). Remember to clean your diffuser regularly. It’s really easy but we will write another blog post on that.

Let’s start with the first diffuser NOW came out with. People love this diffuser for kid’s bedrooms because it can serve dual purpose as a night light too. The light does turn off if you prefer not to have a light on when sleeping. The top lifts off and it is easy to fill.

The next diffuser NOW introduced was the “coconut” diffuser as we like to call it. I have had this one at my house since it first came out and I like the way it looks but truly I kind of wish it would quit working so I can update to one that is easier to fill. So yes, as I mentioned this one looks neat but is sort of a hassle to fill. The brown outer shell comes off and then the white center part lifts out and there is a lid to unscrew to put water in. This one can sometimes be tricky to get it back in the base just right so the mist will come out. As you can probably tell this is not one of my favorites because it is a pain to get the water and oils in it.

If you want more mist and moisture coming out into the air then the white circular diffuser is the one for you. It is a dual mist diffuser so it has two spots where mist comes out. This one is flat and a lot of people like its size because they don’t have to worry about knocking it over and spilling water.

If you want a small portable USB diffuser for your desk or office this one is the choice for you. You can plug the USB cord into an adapter and plug it in also. The adapter does not come with them though when you purchase them.

This bamboo diffuser is probably the second most popular diffuser. It is a small size and looks good. It will run for about 7 hours or until it runs out of water.  This diffuser also has a couple time settings on it and will also run intermittently for about 14 hours. A lot of people use this one in their offices and work spaces too because it is a nice small size.

The final diffuser we will talk about today is the newest one NOW has brought in to their line and it quickly has become our #1 selling diffuser at our Storm Lake, IA, and Worthington, MN, stores. I think it is the best seller because it looks so beautiful and has a nice calming affect when you look at it. The lights slowly change colors and it is very peaceful to look at. It is also easy to fill. This diffuser does not have a timer setting if that is important to you. You can however turn the lights off so they are not on.

Another common question is how many drops of pure essential oil to add to the diffuser. This can range anywhere between 5 to 15 drops depending on the size of the area where your diffuser is located and how much smell the oils have that you are diffusing. Some oils naturally have a stronger scent than others.

Leave us a comment and tell us which diffuser is your favorite and what are your favorite oils to diffuse!

Happy diffusing!



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May 15, 2017 by The Daily Apple