Book Amanda Walljasper-Tate to Speak!MAKING SOCIAL MEDIA COME ALIVE

Social media is powerful. What if someone told you it can transform and reinvigorate your brick and mortar business?  In this presentation, Amanda walks businesses owners through creating a social media action plan. 

This presentation will help attendees:

• Develop a social media calendar

• Choose which social media outlets to use for the most impact

• Commit to being consistent with social media posting

Amanda loves to show others how easy it can be to use social media to build and grow a business.



When businesses and organizations learn to become better visual communicators on social media their business will grow. Amanda has created a visual brand for The Daily Apple that helps them stand out in a sea of retail choices.

In this presentation she teaches:

• The importance of taking quality photos

• How to implement a consistent theme to create a visual identity for your brand

• How to use Canva to design high quality images for social media



Passion on A Dime: A Journey of Following Your Heart & Overcoming Struggles

Eat Well to Maximize Your Potential

Customized topics to meet your businesses or organizations needs



 "Amanda Walljasper-Tate presents information in a high-energy, quality, and informative fashion. Her expertise in a variety of avenues inspires those in her audience, organization, and team. Amanda is constantly updating how she advertises her business and organizations that she is a part of. Her recommendations to others come from research, tried and true innovation, hard work, passion, and engagement. I truly do not know many people of Amanda’s caliber and recommend her with high kudos."  Anne Foley, Worthington Community Education Enrichment Programs Coordinator

"I have had the opportunity to hear Amanda speak on numerous occasions, on a variety of subjects. She is a passionate, dynamic speaker with a great talent for making her ideas understandable and relatable to the audience. Amanda delivers tangible and substantively valuable information with great energy and knowledge. Every time Ive heard her speak it has been a meaningful and positive experience." Tammy Makram, Memorial Auditorium Managing Director


If you would like to book Amanda to speak or if you have questions about pricing and scheduling, please send an email to and she will be in touch with you soon.